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 Sujet du message : Les commandes Clavier
Message Publié : Mer 04 Fév, 2004 12:50 
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Keyboard Commands



Y - hide/show shortcuts menu (not listed in instruction manual)
W - move forward
A - turn left
D - turn right (instruction manual incorrectly prints this as 'turn left')
S - move backward
X - sit/stand
Q - attack
E - use
Z - strafe left
C - strafe right
R - pickup
T - look at target
G - create reference
H - sneak
B - brawl
N - fasta
M - burst
K - dimach
, - auto
. - bow special
U - skill view
J - sneak attack
I - inventory
TAB - target next hostile
` - switch layout
PgUp - chat history up
PgDwn - chat history down
F1 - toggle select self
F2 - target (tm2)
F3 - target (tm3)
F4 - target (tm4)
F5 - target (tm2)
F6 - target (tm2)
F7 - (no use)
F8 - toggle view (switch in- out- of FPV, First Person View)
F9 - pos to chat
F10 - toggle options menu
F11 - screenshot
F12 - screenshot
Esc - stop action
*note: Certain laptops and some keyboards may not have the "T" arrow keys.
Up - forward
Down - backward
Left - left
Right - right
SPACE - jump
Backspace - toggle run/walk
Enter - enter/send chat/message input


Subsets add additional functionality to the hotkeys. Example: TAB will auto-target to the next hostile target (within range, without another target, it will maintain targetting of the hostile already selected- or nothing at all).
If you click CTRL+TAB you will, instead, target the next friendly. SHIFT+TAB will target the next friendly in reverse order.

These are the subsets for the common hotkeys:

CTRL+TAB - next friendly forward
SHIFT+TAB - next friendly reverse
SHIFT+R - reply

ALT+F4 - quit program (function in all Windows programs)

CTRL+F8 - next camera forward
SHIFT+F8 - next camera backward

ALT+Up - forever walk forward
ALT+Down - forever walk backward
ALT+Left - forever walk left
ALT+Right - forever walk right

SHIFT+# (where # means 1-9) - cycles to the group of your hotkeys function according to what number you use

ENTER - enter input/chat/msg mode
BACKSPACE - delete previous character (common in all windows programs)
CTRL+BACKSPACE - delete previous word
INSERT - toggle insert/overwrite (common in all Windows programs)
DELETE - delete character
CTRL+DELETE - delete word
HOME - home
END - end
SHIFT+Right - moves cursor right 1 space (without deleting)
SHIFT+Left - moves cursor left 1 space (without deleting)
CTRL+Right - next word (forward, without deleting)
CTRL+Left - next word (reverse, without deleting)


%t = selected target
%a = currently attacking
%m = yourself
%f = target fighting
%1-3 = different variable followed in order of macro



The numlock keys control your camera views/movement (in the default mode).
- - zoom out
+ - zoom in
8 - camera down
2 - camera up
4 - camera left
6 - camera right
0 - auto-run (forever run forward)

These controls are functional in all camera views, including first-person.

Note: Pressing F8 (FPV), then F8 again will automatically return you to your previous camera selection. Camera is preserved when not in movement. To lock
camera movement, change the settings in the main options menu (F10). Also, ALT+SHIFT+F9 currently brings up the in-game bug reporting form. CTRL+ALT+F will bring up the "FPS" or Frames Per Second.

General Commands:

/help = Help for chatcommands
/ignore = Toggle ingnoring of the selected character
/log = Toggle logging of the chat to the file "LogFile.txt"
/n = Answer "No" to a game-play related question shown in chat
/y = Answer "Yes" to a game-play related question shown in chat
/chathelp = Chat commands
/pet help = Pet commands
/script = Executes a script located in c:\program files\funcom\anarchy online\scripts directory
/macro = Creates a macro and icon
/selectself = Select Self
/played = Time played
/funcom = "This game was made by Funcom"
/afk = AFK mode
/quit = automatically quit the game
/ch or /channel -- Channelname may be multiple words now, at least on test, so you can '/ch v' for vicinity, or '/ch ot sh' for OT Shopping (will pick first group name in list that matches the string), or '/ch OT Seeking' for the seeking team channel. (would need to specify whole thing to get anything but the first seeking channel, as in 'ot seeking team 10-50' or the like.)
/viewdist # will set your viewdistance to # percent (if no #, sets to 0%)
/chardist # will set your chardistance to # percent (if no #, sets to 0%)
/follow Follows targetted character or NPC.
/text Will not be shown to anyone else but you.

Emote (social moves):

/ballat Dancing emote
/disco Dancing emote
/flamenco Dancing emote
/pulp Dancing emote

Chat Commands:

/tell msg -Send a private message.
/me - Character action.
/say - Normal vicinty message.
/shout /s - Shout a message.
/whisper /w - Whisper a Message.
/ignore - Toggle ignoring of the selected character.
/group /g /invite - Invite a user to private chat group.
/kick - Kick a user from private chat group.
/r - Reply to last tell
SHIFT+r - Reply to last tell (automatically displays /tell for verification).

Group Commands:

/team loot alpha - Sets group looting to alpha order.
/team loot all - Sets group looting to default ffa looting.

Pet Commands:

/pet follow
/pet behind
/pet wait
/pet guard
/pet attack
/pet hunt
/pet terminate
/pet free
/pet report
/pet cycle
/pet social
/pet rename
/pet chat
/pet script

Guild Commands:

/org info
/org promote (selected target)
/org kick (selected target)
/org salary [rank][cash]
/org payment [rank][cash]
/org bank /
/org ranks
/org contract
/org history
/org objective
/org description
/org name


Personnages : Moce, Alpha, Alphy, Come, Lavabeau
Les jeux : GuildWars 2 / World of Tanks / StarWar Galaxy Online / Le Seigneur des anneaux / Warhammer / Age Of Conan / WOW / DAOC / Anarchy Online / T4C


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